PG&E Medical Baseline: Video & Email


The power to help. The PG&E Medical Baseline program provides power to customers who have a critical need because they use medical equipment in their homes. This can be an emotional subject because there’s a lot on the line, so we strove to make the reader feel as comfortable as possible. The animated video presents

PG&E Share My Data: Success Stories

Energy stories. PG&E’s Share My Data is a technology that enables businesses to access detailed information about the energy use by any given account, so they can then create software tools that provide value to that account holder. For example, enabling a small business owner to learn that a piece of equipment is malfunctioning because

PG&E Time of Use: Animated Videos

Say hello to Time-of-Use rate plans. A rate plan with different rates depending on the time of day is a new idea to many Californians, even though it’s the best way to make wise use of our energy resources. So these two animated videos spell out how it works, with lots of relatable examples. The

PG&E Animated Safety Campaign: Video, OOH, Print, Online

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PG&E Safety Campaign: TV, Video, OOH, Print, Online Safe, not scared. The goal with the new PG&E safety campaign is to motivate safer behavior. Since safety messages have an inherently scary aspect, and fear makes people want to disengage, we went in the opposite direction and developed the Simple Safety Campaign. This homey approach is

PG&E Peak Day Pricing: Case Study Video & PDF


PG&E Peak Day Pricing: Case Study Video & PDF PG&E created the Peak Day Pricing rate plan as a way to manage statewide demand on the hottest days when electricity use spikes. Participating businesses get lower rates for most of their electricity, in exchange for paying higher rates when statewide demand hits peak levels. As

PG&E Energy Savings for Kids: TV

PG&E Energy Savings for Kids: TV Kid power! Music is a powerful mnemonic, so it was a natural avenue to explore when we were working on creative aimed at an audience as young as five.  We leveraged the happy, kid-friendly visual style we developed for the Simple Safety campaign, and paired it with singing boy