PG&E Medical Baseline: Video & Email


The power to help. The PG&E Medical Baseline program provides power to customers who have a critical need because they use medical equipment in their homes. This can be an emotional subject because there’s a lot on the line, so we strove to make the reader feel as comfortable as possible. The animated video presents

PG&E Home Energy Checkup: Emails

How’s your energy? PG&E regularly pitches their Home Energy Checkup to customers. It’s a way for people to get customized tips about saving energy in their homes. Since we do these often, we try add to the topicality and current relevance by attaching it closely to the coming season. In this instance we were able

PG&E EV Charging: Emails

Clean and green. PG&E supports a number of green initiatives, including electric vehicles. PG&E provides power for electrical vehicles at a special rate for home owners who have a home charging station. And, of course, they provide the electricity for charging when you’re on the road throughout their service area. These emails were designed to

PG&E Animated Safety Campaign: Video, OOH, Print, Online

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PG&E Safety Campaign: TV, Video, OOH, Print, Online Safe, not scared. The goal with the new PG&E safety campaign is to motivate safer behavior. Since safety messages have an inherently scary aspect, and fear makes people want to disengage, we went in the opposite direction and developed the Simple Safety Campaign. This homey approach is

Format Exploration: Cinemagraph

Format Exploration: Cinemagraph Bust a move. This is a special kind of banner called a Cinemagraph: an amalgam of still photography and video. The banner you see here is one we created as part of our exploration of the creative for the PG&E Safety Campaign. As you can see, Cinemagraphs have a kind of “lava lamp

Matthews Asia: Online

Matthews Asia: Online Look before you leap. Investing in Asia became a stampede, which meant the investment space was filled with new players. We kept that in mind when creating this online campaign for Matthews Asia. While leveraging their trademark understated style, we made it clear that they had been in this market before the

Wells Fargo Green: Online

Wells Fargo Green: Online Green is good. Wells Fargo asked Yates Advertising to develop a new online campaign focusing on the environmental benefit of receiving statements electronically. The tone of these kinds of “let’s go paperless” communications can sometimes be a little hectoring, so we decided to make it all about the upside. “It’s easy

PG&E Peak Day Pricing: Online Calculator

PG&E Peak Day Pricing: Online Calculator Show me the money. Businesses participating in the Peak Day Pricing rate plan pay lower rates for most of their electricity, in exchange for paying higher rates at times of peak statewide usage. PG&E wanted to show customers how much they were saving during off-peak times, while at the