PG&E Peak Day Pricing: Case Study Video & PDF



PG&E Peak Day Pricing: Case Study Video & PDF

PG&E created the Peak Day Pricing rate plan as a way to manage statewide demand on the hottest days when electricity use spikes. Participating businesses get lower rates for most of their electricity, in exchange for paying higher rates when statewide demand hits peak levels.

As a way of demonstrating how Peak Day Pricing could really help a small business save money, PG&E asked us to put together a case study video.

We recruited the owner of a restaurant in Buellton, California, and spent a day with him, conducting a lengthy interview and shooting B-roll. Because we let him tell his story in his own words, he comes across on the video as a lively and authentic small businessman, exactly the kind of person that other small business people would find credible.


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