PG&E Biomethane: Guide

It’s a gas! Biomethane is a 100% renewable energy source which is produced from organic matter like agricultural crops, construction debris, and other organic waste. The idea of “renewable natural gas” is a new one to many people, so PG&E asked us to create this introductory PDF. Our goal was to treat this complex subject

AAA Travel: Demand Generation


AAA Travel: Demand Generation Anchors aweigh! AAA Travel is a full-service travel agency that offers a wide choice of cruises and tours from some of the most respected travel companies in the world. We created a series of colorful 20-page self-mailers for them, each aimed at a different market segment: Affluent, Boomer, Mature and Family.

UCSF IT Support: Brochures

Need help STAT! When the University of California in San Francisco rolled out their IT Support program, they asked us to put together the introductory materials. The goal was to put a friendly and empathetic face on the program and dial down the angst usually associated with computer problems by making a strong promise to help.

PG&E SmartRate: Collateral

PG&E SmartRate: Kid’s Activity Book If you’re saving energy and you know it, clap your hands! As part of a wide variety of touch points that we managed for PG&E SmartRate, we also included outreach to children. This activity book delivered fun facts about saving energy in a kid-friendly way, while also underscoring a broader message: You can

PG&E Peak Day Pricing: Case Study Video & PDF


PG&E Peak Day Pricing: Case Study Video & PDF PG&E created the Peak Day Pricing rate plan as a way to manage statewide demand on the hottest days when electricity use spikes. Participating businesses get lower rates for most of their electricity, in exchange for paying higher rates when statewide demand hits peak levels. As