PG&E Peak Day Pricing: Interactive PDF


PG&E Peak Day Pricing: Interactive PDF

If you build it, they will read. Peak Day Pricing is a rate plan that offers businesses lower rates for most of their electricity, in exchange for paying higher rates when statewide usage hits peak levels. Yates Advertising was asked to develop an electronic welcome kit, which would be a greener alternative to the large paper-based welcome materials then in use.

The definition of “electronic welcome kit” was up in the air, so we investigated many different avenues before arriving at our solution: An interactive PDF.

This idea was technically complex to execute, and much scouring of the web turned up few examples to follow. But after an extended sojourn through the little-read corners of Adobe manuals, we were able to put together a PDF that had full, Website-style navigation throughout, and included interactive rollover elements.

Click  Below to Preview PDF – For Full Interactivity, Click Download Icon in Preview Screenpge-peak-day-pricing-interactive-pdf-image