PG&E Time-of-Use Rates: Interactive PDF


PG&E Time-of-Use Rates: Interactive PDF

Howdy, stranger. When a business signs up for a new rate plan, PG&E sends them a Welcome Kit with details about the plan, an explanation of the bill, and money-saving tips. Traditionally, this has been a paper folder with a number of printed elements.

PG&E asked Yates Advertising to look into a way of making a Welcome Kit that could be downloaded via an email link, while still offering the kind of engagement possible in a large mail piece. So we made use of the latest Acrobat technology to create this interactive PDF which includes:

  • Website-style navigation throughout
  • An interactive tips page
  • Easy bill explanations
  • Other interactive elements

Click  Below to Preview PDF – For Full Interactivity, Click Download Icon in Preview Screenpge-time-of-use-rates-interactive-pdf