Silicon Valley Bank: Dimensional DM


Silicon Valley Bank: Dimensional DM

Open, sesame! For Silicon Valley Bank, we developed a highly targeted, impactful, dimensional package that got past the gatekeepers to reach CEOs and CFOs in the technology industry. The creative used a pen incorporating a USB storage device to illustrate how Silicon Valley Bank’s vision wasn’t like ordinary banks when it came to helping companies in the tech sector.

On the outside of the box, next to the pen, copy reads, “The average bank sees a pen.” On the inside of the box, text explains how Silicon Valley Bank “sees a USB storage device, PC/MAC compatible, password protected, plus a pen that writes in black ink.” Speaking to the target in their own language, accompanied by a knowing wink, went a long way towards opening doors for the SVB sales force.

Dimensional DM Exteriorsilicon-valley-bank-dm-exterior

Dimensional DM Interiorsilicon-valley-bank-dm-interior