PG&E Time of Use for Business: Interactive PDF


The business end of Time-of-Use. PG&E’s Time-of-Use rate plans are available for businesses as well as consumers. So we put together this interactive PDF to serve as a friendly introduction to the business and agricultural communities.

The bright graphics make it feel inviting to peruse, and the self-contained navigation makes it feel easy, with everything you need either served up to you or just a click away.

In terms of the interactivity, we scaled it to work for a user with a noncurrent version of Acrobat on an older computer, so the experience would be pleasant for everyone, as opposed to offering lots of bells and whistles for a few power users and a bunch of error messages for everyone else.

Later, our client asked us to put together a print version, which you can also see below.

Interactive PDF

PG&E TOU Business Interactive Cover

Print Adaptation

PG&E TOU Business Print.jpg