PG&E Pool Pumps: DM


PG&E Pool Pumps: DM

Hidden in plain sight. Lots of people don’t realize how much energy their swimming pools use. In fact, it can account for half of their entire energy bill. PG&E’s goal with this DM campaign was to make people aware of this startling fact, then drive them to activate a rebate towards replacing their old pool pumps. We created a series of postcards over time. Below are a couple of our favorites

Postcard – FrontPool Pump Postcard 1 - Front Keyline.jpg


Postcard – BackPool Pump Postcard 1 - Back Keyline.jpg


Postcard – FrontPool Pump Postcard 2 - Front.png


Postcard – BackPool Pump Postcard 2 - Back Keyline.jpg