Part of the PG&E Team


Part of the PG&E Team.

Yates Advertising has been working with PG&E for almost three years. We’ve gained a lot of expertise in working with PG&E’s people and processes, so if you need some extra support for one of your projects, we can hit the ground running.

We’re already up to speed on:

  • Designing for ADA compliance
  • Designing emails using the new Salesforce templates
  • Managing print jobs using the new print portal (Note: How should we mention RR Donelley?)

We’d love to show you some of our PG&E work that you may not have seen.

TV spots, billboards, social media graphics, banners, videos, interactive PDFs: We’ve done all these for PG&E recently. Please scroll down for a quick overview.

PG&E Animated Safety Campaign – TV Spot


PG&E Safety Campaign – TV Spot


PG&E Kid Power – TV Spot


PG&E Animated Safety Campaign – Billboard



PG&E Animated Safety Campaign – Print Ad



PG&E Animated Safety Campaign – Banner



PG&E Animated Safety Campaign – Social Media



PG&E Peak Day Pricing – Video Case Study


PG&E Time-of-Use – Interactive PDF